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WhatsApp has been bringing new features one after the other for the past few days. In this episode, now the company has brought WhatsApp Communities for the users. The new feature has the power to completely change the experience of group chatting. WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot of this new feature of WhatsApp. In this a lot has been told about this feature. Through the WhatsApp Communities feature, users can add similar groups to a community. The advantage of this will be that the user will not have to send the same message repeatedly to different groups. In Communities, users can create new groups for different topics.
Communities option instead of Camera tab
According to the report of WAbetaInfo, in the new update, the camera tab given in the top left side of WhatsApp has been replaced by Communities. Using this tab, users can create a community with up to 10 sub-groups. According to the report, with the help of the new feature, up to 512 members in sub-groups can be connected simultaneously.

Admin can disable community
This new feature of WhatsApp also allows users to choose the sub-group of their choice while joining the community. The special thing is that users can also exit from any sub-group without leaving the community. The admin of the community can disable any community at any time.
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Feature rolled out for beta testers
If a member has any problem with chatting or sharing media files in the WhatsApp community, then they can also report it. This update of WhatsApp is being rolled out for beta version According to WABetaInfo, the company is rolling out this feature to a limited number of beta testers. After the completion of beta testing, its stable version will be released for global users.
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