This house comes with a built-in cryptocurrency miner. : Planet Money – NPR

Amanda Aronczyk
Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi
Since late last year, the bottom has fallen out of the crypto market. It’s lost $2 trillion, about two-thirds of its peak value, making people skeptical about cryptocurrencies and their long term viability.
So when we heard about a real estate agent in Philadelphia who built a cryptocurrency miner into a house he was listing, we decided to go see it. Maybe we’d visit the open house and find crypto true believers mingling with newbies, all of them wrestling with the question: what is crypto actually good for?
On this episode, we travel to the City of Brotherly Love to check out a home listing like no other we’ve ever seen: the crypto house.
Special thanks to Brady Dale at Axios and Robert Hackett at Andreessen Horowitz.
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