The school did not miss the examination of the students, so the school arrived alone in a 70-seat boat, getting high praise

Sandra Babu, an 11th student living in Kerala’s Alphuja district, got upset as soon as she heard that her remaining papers were about to happen. Because his paper was postponed in between due to Carona. She was staying with her relative. His school is in another district, Koyattam, from his home. The student has to resort to a boat to go to school from her home.
All boats to school are closed due to lockdown. As soon as the State Water Transport Department came to know about this, the administration sent a boat of 70 seats to the school for the students. Sandra had two papers left on 29 and 30. The administration conducted the examination by taking it alone in a boat of 70 seats on both days. All this praise of the administration has been appreciated.

The girl lived with her relatives

Sandra studies at SNDP School. She lives in the MN block of Alphuza district. His school is in Kanjiram village in Kottam district. Boats have to be resorted to from one place to another. Boat service here was closed due to the lapse. As soon as the state water transport department of Kerala got the information, the officials sent a boat of 70 seats for the examination of the student. Sandra said that as soon as the Water Transport Department told me that I would get a boat to take the exam, I was very happy. The boat driver also asked me whether I had missed any paper. I have been able to take the exam only because of the Water Transport Department.

No important expenses before examination…
Director of Kerala State Water Transport Shaji V Nair said, “As soon as we came to know about the examination of the student, we immediately arranged the boat. Shaji said that we had to take the boat away from the routine route too, but the expenses in front of the examination did not matter. We had to get permission for a separate route for the student, but the student gave the exam.

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