OPPO India will give innovative startups a chance, Telangana government’s partnership with T-Hub

There has been a partnership between Chinese smartphone brand Oppo and T-Hub, the Telangana government’s initiative for startups. Through this, the startup ecosystem in India will be supported. A statement issued by T-Hub said that the tie-up will increase opportunities for some of the most innovative startups in the areas of artificial intelligence, 5G, battery, camera and image pro cessing, gaming, and system performance.

Selected startups will get incubation support, technical mentorship and access to new markets from OPPO. At the same time, T-Hub will put its deep experience and expertise in running various programs, as well as provide startups with the right mentorship and exposure for domestic and global incubation and innovation systems.

How to choose startups

The statement said that the selection of startups will be based on innovative prototypes and strategic fitments with OPPO products that are expected to grow. Tasleem Arif, Head of Research and Development and Vice President at Oppo India said that this alliance of Oppo with T-Hub is in line with our vision of strengthening the startup community and developing the country. Oppo India knows that innovation and entrepreneurship are key pillars for the growth of the economy. He further said that this partnership is another step towards motivating those who develop Inno Vative Solutions and Products.

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