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There net been an terrible lot of unwarranted victory laps in the earlier few days by opponents of New York’s Amazon HQ2 subsidy deal. They characterize the fresh rent Amazon has signed for area of enterprise area on the West Aspect of Manhattan and build a request to, What would net been the purpose of giving Amazon $3 billion when it used to be going to diagram it at free of payment all along?

For the sage, I didn’t favor the Amazon subsidy deal, either. I believed its prices would net outstripped its advantages. But I soundless imprint that what we’re getting now would maybe perhaps perhaps be on no account what we would net gotten if the deal had passed through. That is a rent for roughly 300,000 square feet in an current building to improve 1,500 jobs in Manhattan. Below the subsidy proposal, Amazon intended to diagram approximately 4 million square feet of fresh area of enterprise area in Queens. It would net had to manufacture 25,000 jobs to free up the plump subsidy kit.

As I wrote closing November, the simplest arguments for the now-needless subsidy kit had to diagram with its Queens area. New York protection-makers net long had a aim of fostering area of enterprise clusters exterior the Manhattan core. That is natty partly resulting from it makes better exhaust of current subway capacity: Fascinating jobs to Queens diagram fewer commuters making an attempt to cram onto already plump trains to Manhattan in the morning, and extra commuters reverse-commuting from Manhattan to Queens on trains with lots of area. It also does something at the margin to amplify job alternatives in communities farther eliminated from Manhattan, though resulting from New York is already pretty dense and transit-effectively off, this would perhaps perhaps also be much less major than it would maybe perhaps perhaps be in other areas (jobs are soundless in the market to Queens residents even though the jobs are in Manhattan; they merely delight in an attractive longer shuttle.)

Coverage-makers net also had a aim of rising a expertise cluster that would elevate New York’s profile as a tech hub when compared to Silicon Valley’s. Of path, the city already has lots of tech jobs (Google’s own enhance plans delight in about as many workers in New York as Amazon used to be promising to raise to its “headquarters” campus), but a physically obvious Queens campus — conclude to the fresh Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island that is but one more pillar of New York’s tech push — would net served as a signal that we had been building a cluster intended to develop effectively previous Amazon. The hope used to be that future firms would are making an attempt to stumble on conclude to Amazon and wouldn’t require same incentive packages as soon as Amazon had made Queens a hot area to diagram tech commerce.

Amazon’s solution to perceive incremental area of enterprise area in Manhattan doesn’t diagram any of this. The firm used to be repeatedly going to desire a tall amount of workers here; it merely doesn’t necessarily want 25,000 of them, and it doesn’t want them to be in Queens.

Which, again, is k with me. This isn’t the 1980s, and the city’s basic financial wretchedness is a lack of inexpensive housing, no longer a lack of quality employment. Essentially, with out offsetting housing enhance, a fresh area of enterprise sort esteem the proposed Amazon campus obtained’t even net completed worthy to generate net job enhance. As a replacement, the incremental Amazon workers would maybe perhaps perhaps also merely disclose up the rents for current housing provide, increasing the cost of living and keen other firms to shift their area choices away from New York. (That is why the argument that Amazon’s proposed subsidy kit would own advantages outweighing its prices by 9 to 1 used to be unsupported: Amazon boosters counted the contaminated enhance in employment and tax receipts it would maybe perhaps perhaps net generated when the net amount would net seemed very diversified.)

But I soundless imprint why public idea about Amazon subsidies (very mixed) used to be plenty diversified than what that you can net conception from reading Twitter and the clicking (extraordinarily harmful). The subsidy kit would net created something that would net been an financial driver and a level of pleasure for Queens. As a replacement, Amazon will be merely but one more area of enterprise tenant in Manhattan. It’s no longer the a similar ingredient.

No, New York Is No longer Getting an Amazon Headquarters Anyway