Lil Tjay Health Update: Rolling Loud Hints 'Recovering' Rapper to Perform Soon – Music Times

The recovery of Lil Tjay, who was shot earlier this month, appears to be proceeding in a favorable path. However, it cannot be denied that his camp has been particularly silent, so fans still cannot help but wonder if he is really on his way back to his prime health. A new tweet by Rolling Loud now confirms this.  

Sending all of our love to @liltjay. he’ll be back performing on our stage soon!

The comments section naturally became a frenzy of positive and excited reactions. Many said they cannot wait to see him perform.
According to TMZ, insiders informed the celebrity news organization that Tjay is now awake and speaking. In addition, once doctors removed a breathing tube, the rapper’s voice apparently returned to its pre-shooting state. 
As previously reported, Lil Tjay was shot on June 22 during an attempted robbery in Edgewater, New Jersey. According to the police, Tjay and two companions, Jeffery Valdez and Antoine Boyd, were sitting in a vehicle near The Promenade when a gunman approached them and demanded cash and jewelry. There was an exchange of gunfire, and Lil Tjay was shot many times. Boyd was also injured. 
The shooter, identified as 27-year-old Mohamed Konate, has been apprehended by law enforcement. He has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of armed robbery, and a number of additional offences using illegal firearms.
Additionally, Konate was hit by gunfire. Following the incident, an anonymous individual assisted Konate into a BMW and drove him to Lennox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side of New York City, where he was arrested. Valdez and Boyd were also detained for offences involving guns. 
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In an earlier official statement, Rolling Loud showrunners stated that Lil Tjay is still recovering and won’t be able to make Rolling Loud Miami 2022. 
“Unfortunately, Lil Tjay will not be performing at Rolling Loud Miami 2022 as he continues towards making a healthy recovery. Tjay appreciates the outpouring of support and well-wishes from fans in this time, and looks forward to returning to Miami in the future.”
Once he returns, he may be able to confront a “crazy” (as of now) accusation that he murdered someone. 
In the midst of the lack of updates, a new allegation of murder against the rapper surfaced. 
A screenshot from his “F.N” music video was published on Reddit. The user inquired as to whether Lil Tjay had actually shot and murdered a person, making the plot in the music video accurate. 
The YouTube user, named Jim Jim, wrote, “The story is lilt jay killed someone and his homie snitched on the whole gang, when the snitch was getting ready for a date lilt jays homie shot the snitch, later tjay and the gang got released since there was no witness.”
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