Kylie Jenner’s mother worries after controversy with Forbes

Hollywood’s well-known star Kylie Jenner is currently embroiled in controversy. At the same time, his mother Chris Jenner is saddened by the controversy between Forbes magazine and Kylie Jenner. He felt that after this controversy his brand could be damaged, which took him years to build.

However, according to a source, “Chris and Kylie are upset and are afraid that this dispute may hurt their brand.” Also, they should not get caught in trouble due to this. ‘ The source also claimed that the mother-daughter and their team are definitely worried. In fact, Forbes had published a report that Kylie used a fake draft tax return to get the title of the youngest (21 years) Billionaire in the Forbes Celebrity 100 ‘list. Business magazine states that Kylie Jenner’s assets have now fallen below US $ 900 million after COVID-19’s impact on the beauty industry.

Please tell that on this whole controversy Kylie had said that I had considered this magazine to be prestigious but here many false statements and unproven assumptions were given. I never asked for any title nor did I ever try to take such a path. At the same time, Kylie’s lawyer Michael Kump Forbes’s article on this whole case has been described as outright lie. He had said that it is wrong to accuse Kylie of making fake tax return papers.

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