Earthquake in Delhi: A magnitude 2.1 earthquake in Delhi-NCR

Mild tremors have been felt once again in the national capital. The earthquake shook Delhi at 1 pm on Monday. Tremors were felt at the Delhi-Gurugram border. Its intensity on the Richter scale has been measured at 2.1. Its depth is said to be within 18 km of the Delhi-Gurgaon border. The epicenter of the earthquake was reported below ground, however, no tsunami warning was issued.

10 moving earth in two months
The earthquake has rocked the country’s capital 10 times in the last two months. However, the intensity of all earthquakes is very low. No casualties were reported. A magnitude 2.1 earthquake shook Delhi on Monday. An earthquake of this magnitude is considered mild. An earthquake of this magnitude usually causes no loss of life or property.

After long continuous setbacks in Delhi, its epics are Delhi, Rohtak and Faridabad.
According to official records, the capital Delhi and NCR are in Zone 4 of the strongest earthquake. The epicenter was reported below the Richter scale, however, no tsunami warning was issued.

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