Corona may become a hotspot of a civilian hospital, infected people are reaching their own reports

The civilian hospital can become a hotspot of Corona. Actually, the corona infected here are reaching for their reports. It can infect infected healthy individuals and civil hospital management is unaware of this. On Tuesday, seven such infected people came to take their own reports. There was an atmosphere of panic in the control room after reaching the report of infected people.

It is noteworthy that citizens come to the hospital for treatment in large numbers, who are suffering from diseases other than corona. Some of these are sent to sample for corona examination, and others stand outside the IDSP lab to give contact with corona infected or those who suffer fever, cough and cold. 800 to one thousand samples are being taken daily in civil hospital.

Apart from this, samples are being sent to Sonipat for investigation. During sampling, complete information of patients is taken. After sampling, the patient is advised to stay home quarantined, but the patients themselves are coming to take the report. However, separate arrangements have been made for the report from the Health Department. Despite this, people forcibly enter the control room. On Tuesday, seven patients were found who came to take their own report. Among them were civil hospital employees and five other people.

When their report was positive, there was an atmosphere of chaos in the control room. The staff working in the control room came out. After sanitizing, work started again. In addition, the infected were admitted in an ambulance to the ESIC Medical College. In this regard, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Krishna Kumar says that while taking the sample, the complete information of the patient is taken and the department is providing the report via SMS to everyone.

People are instructed to quarantine themselves until the report arrives and the health department itself contacts the infected when the report comes positive.

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