Actor Sonu Sood speaks about the help of migrant laborers

On seeing the thousands of migrant laborers returning to their homes in roadside mishap on a scorching afternoon, someone expressed grief, but someone felt their pain, but Sonu Sood felt their pain and not just arranged two meals for them But also took the responsibility of transporting them to their homes hundreds of miles away.

Sonu Sood told PTI on phone from Mumbai that to help the migrant laborers, he has launched toll free number 18001213711, through which any person can contact Sonu’s team for help.

“I used to get thousands of calls every day,” says Sonu. My friends and family were taking full details from those who asked for help, but still it seemed that there is something missing and there are many people who need help, but they are not able to reach us. Therefore, we decided to open this call center. ”

Sonu says that it was only after the lockdown that he started distributing food to the needy. The process of giving food and groceries started with 500 people, today that figure has reached 45,000. These include people living in slums, stranded on roads and walking on highways. Born on 30 July 1973 in Moga, Ludhiana, Sonu did his schooling at Sacred Heart School and studied at Yashwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur. The hobby of working in films took him to Mumbai one day and on the basis of his hard work, he has made a special identity today.

Sonu, who won the prestigious award for his role of a villain in the 2010 super hit film Dabangg, says that he himself came to this Maya city empty-handed one day, so the migrant workers feel pain. He has pledged to bring more and more migrants to their homes and every day many buses are going towards the far flung states of the country with migrant families.

Many people on social media have saluted Sonu’s passion. Thousands of his fans have sent various messages to his name, famous chef Vikas Khanna has made a special dish and named it ‘Moga’.

Minister of Textiles and Women and Child Development Smriti Irani has written from the Twitter handle that as an actor she has been witness to the journey of Sonu Sood, but as a human being, she has really appreciated the passion she showed during this crisis. Is capable of.

Due to Corona virus infection, a lockdown was announced in the country on 24 March and stopped wherever it was. The resource-rich people were shut up in their homes, but thousands of people who had come hundreds of miles away from their homes in search of employment were unharmed. These people were neither in a condition to pay the rent of the house nor the stomach of their family. In this hour of disaster, many people and organizations like Sonu Sood came forward to help these needy people.

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